Approvals via Mobile

Approvals via Mobile

That mobility is an unstoppable trend and a necessity is a fact.

Marketing studies show that the vast majority of mobility services currently required by companies, are the approvals. Why should you look for more expensive and complex solutions when you only need an approval?

HPS adapting to the needs of companies (large and small) has developed the best mobile solutions focused on the area of approval with the following features:

  • Fast. Working almost immediately (1-2 weeks) including customization.
  • Simplicity. Unmodified current approval processes: Integration with existing backend or implementation of full functionality in stand-alone (SAP ECC, SAP SRM, Peoplesoft, Navision, etc.).
  • Economic. SaaS Service. Extremely reduced cost for the implementation and administration.
  • Multidevice. Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and 8, in mobiles, tablets and mini-tablets.
  • Comfort. Unaffected current architecture, without installations and complications.
  • Solutions. Three very simple architecture options.

Mobile Presentation Layer: We offer a mobile layer that shows the approvals functionalities residing on the backend.

Presentation Layer + Synchronization: We offer both, the mobile presentation layer and the synchronization mechanism that allows the usage of the application with the backend down.

Complete Solution: No need of any backend. We offer a complete solution via Web for all the users, Free Mobile access for the approvals part.

The different applications modules offered for HPS due to its great demand are:

  • Approvals for travelling expenses
  • Approvals for vacations
  • Approvals for Purchases(SRM)
  • Approvals for hours imputed to projects

These functionalities can be acquired independently, the packages of more than one module will have discounts.Contact with us in to ask for a budget.