Creating a Web environment, conversion of old application

Captura de la intranet de Ecofon

Creating a Web environment for Ecofón, Enterprise on the telecommunications sector, conversion of a Windows application, working with MS Access.

The new Web environment allows simultaneous multi-user environment and a greater ability to process using the database engine MySQL, and also avoids the limitations of Microsoft Access.

Requirement of PHP as the programming language. The system provides all the options in the Windows program, some new additional ones, and performs automated billing processes, and billing, either by email or by post.

Captura de la intranet de Ecofon

Process design to have autogenerated PDF invoice headers, details in CSV and Excel as well as a compendium of reports of exploitation, compatible with Excel, which can be requested at any time.

Automatic engine development to capture the files of calls from the own telecommunications operators, downloading to the server and processed automatically.

Finally expanding the client area, from which bills are available, real-time consumption, etc..

Reduced processing time by 500%.